Global Peace Support Initiative (GPSI) is an ( NGO) and social enterprise based in the Greater Eastern Africa. Our social focus is to offer a practical guide and solutions to communities faced with atrocities of war, terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism in the Greater Horn of Africa. As a social enterprise, we work with stakeholders to;-


Ø  Identify and address grievances and drivers of conflicts, terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism in communities,

Ø  Enhance early warning mechanism to detect radicalization and violent extremism’

Ø  Build community resilience through social programs and open discussion fora’

Ø  Enhance individual interventions by engaging in counter violence/de-radicalization, disengagement, resettlement and reintegration efforts,

Ø  Enhance capacity building in communities to mitigate the threat.


GPSI  was born out of the need to prevent and combat violent extremism through education and support.